The Magic of Editing by Sydney Joseph

A large part of my journey in the world of photography has been in figuring out what I want my photography to say to the person looking at it. A major part of that was in discovering the kinds of photos I like to shoot but an equivalently important part was finding my editing style.

When I first started out I didn’t have access to any editing software so for a long time to bring my vision to life I had to capture my images perfectly as I was taking the picture. There was no option to bring a photo into post-production and then change the exposure or the colours or anything of the sort. Either it was perfect on the camera or it was a dud. Looking back on that experience, I realise that now, I very rarely do any major adjustments in post production. On occasion, I’m a little bit lazy and I don’t expose my photos perfectly or straighten my horizons because I know I have to option to edit but I my final vision is always very close to the straight out of camera (SOOC) shot.

So I invite you to take a look at a few of my Before & After shots to get a glimpse at my process. I hope you enjoy.


Dylan B&A.jpg
Beach B&A.jpg
Green Market B&A.jpg

Need Some Inspiration? by Sydney Joseph

I love photography, I truly do, but there are times where I just find myself in a creative slump where trying to come up with brand new content and original shoot ideas just doesn't seem like it’ll happen at all. It’s at times like that where I just step away from it all and admire some of the work of other fantastic photographers.

If you ever find yourself in a similar position then here’s my go-to photographers who never fail to inspire me to get back to the drawing board and create.

Please note that I am not sponsored by any of these amazing artists. I truly appreciate their creativity and their work and I believe that their work deserves recognition. If you like their work as much as I do, please feel free to follow each of them and throw some love their way.

Create a Content Creation Calendar by Sydney Joseph

One of the important principles behind creating engagement through your social media accounts is regular content creation. In order to facilitate that goal in the management of my own social media accounts, I create a monthly content creation calendar. I add my personal appointments, any days of note as well as what content I want to post and the day it will be posted on. I’ve found that doing it this way works best for me as well as my clients.

My calendar for the month of October. You can see all of my scheduled blog posts that will be going up this month.

My calendar for the month of October. You can see all of my scheduled blog posts that will be going up this month.

I have tried various applications to do this exact same task but I much prefer doing it in hard copy. It also comes in really handy to manage your actual life as well. Do you think you’d enjoy trying this for your business?