Create a Content Creation Calendar by Sydney Joseph

One of the important principles behind creating engagement through your social media accounts is regular content creation. In order to facilitate that goal in the management of my own social media accounts, I create a monthly content creation calendar. I add my personal appointments, any days of note as well as what content I want to post and the day it will be posted on. I’ve found that doing it this way works best for me as well as my clients.

My calendar for the month of October. You can see all of my scheduled blog posts that will be going up this month.

My calendar for the month of October. You can see all of my scheduled blog posts that will be going up this month.

I have tried various applications to do this exact same task but I much prefer doing it in hard copy. It also comes in really handy to manage your actual life as well. Do you think you’d enjoy trying this for your business?

Unrealistic Expectations by Sydney Joseph

“Sometimes we create our own heartbreaks through expectation.”

Dear Sydney,

A year ago you had an idea. You wanted to take your love for photography and turn it into a business. Today, a year later, you took that dream and turned it into a reality. Your business stands tall and shows what a little bit of hard work can do. What you have managed to accomplish so far is nothing short of amazing and you should be proud everyday.

Don’t let the fact that you haven’t achieved every single one of your big dreams bring you down. Expecting those giant dreams to become a reality is such a short time is unrealistic and will only lead to your disappointment. Take those big goals and chop them up into smaller sections. Make those big goals manageable and once you’ve got these little bite-sized chunks, you can dive right in on ticking them off the master list.

Never stop dreaming but don’t let those dreams become your nightmares.




Synchronised Socials by Sydney Joseph

Your social media presence should be considered to be a significant part of the branding of your business. We live in a time where a business can spend $0 on ‘traditional’ advertising, deliver all goods and services without ever having to have an in person interaction with their client. Such is the power of social media and therein lies the need for social media management. Learning new techniques on how to best manage your social media can create great improvements in the results your business sees. So let’s get into one of the most important social media management tips there are.

Synchronise Your Social Media.

Your business is immediately recognised by its branding so it follows that your branding should be consistent. Very often, I see businesses which create an online presence but they make no attempts to have the online aspects of the business match the brick and mortar business. Your business should be look the same no matter where it is. Your social media presence should always echo your existing branding.

It may sound daunting but it is as easy as using your business’ logo as your Facebook page’s profile photo. Go spruce up your profile by synchronising your social media.