Synchronised Socials / by Sydney Joseph

Your social media presence should be considered to be a significant part of the branding of your business. We live in a time where a business can spend $0 on ‘traditional’ advertising, deliver all goods and services without ever having to have an in person interaction with their client. Such is the power of social media and therein lies the need for social media management. Learning new techniques on how to best manage your social media can create great improvements in the results your business sees. So let’s get into one of the most important social media management tips there are.

Synchronise Your Social Media.

Your business is immediately recognised by its branding so it follows that your branding should be consistent. Very often, I see businesses which create an online presence but they make no attempts to have the online aspects of the business match the brick and mortar business. Your business should be look the same no matter where it is. Your social media presence should always echo your existing branding.

It may sound daunting but it is as easy as using your business’ logo as your Facebook page’s profile photo. Go spruce up your profile by synchronising your social media.