Snapshots / by Sydney Joseph

During a conversation recently, an acquaintance asked me which part of photography I love the most. That question has been weighing on my mind for the last couple of weeks and I think I’ve finally figured out the answer. 

I have always had an interest in the creative fields. Whether it was designing a graphic that commemorates a special day  or hand carving a block of linoleum to create a unique stamp. I have always loved being able to take an idea from my head and execute in the physical world. When I started out in photography, there was no reasoning behind it other than pure enjoyment. I liked taking pictures so I did. So when I got this question, it really made me think about why I’m still doing it. After a lot of thought, I realise that photography gives me a new way to execute ideas. I can show the world how I see a concept, but I think one of the parts I love the most is the ability to capture a moment in time. 

In that moment, I can press pause on the world. Pause raindrops mid-fall. Pause hair blowing in the wind. Pause in the middle of a laugh. I can capture a moment in time forever and to me that is beautiful.