Sunday Drives / by Sydney Joseph

Last Sunday I took a quick drive out to the Bamboo Cathedral in Chaguaramas to clear my head after a particularly long week. After having been so stressed, it was great to just get away for a little bit and just walk through the trees. Listen to the sound of nature all around. To look up and see the sunlight just peeking through the branches. 


I loved the contrast between the green of the bamboo and the browns and oranges of the underbrush and fallen leaves. I played that up a bit with the editing. I strayed away from my normal bright greens and took some inspiration from Mango Street Lab's photography and editing style for these shots. 


Caught a few people in the crosshairs of my camera lens as well. It looks like we all had a nice relaxed afternoon out in nature. So now that I've got my head clear, another week awaits.