Failed Photoshoot?? / by Sydney Joseph

I have been wanting to experiment with some photography inspired by Brandon Woelfel for some time now. I just wasn't sure where I could find lights that would work well to bring the concept to life. About a week and a half ago, I saw that an amusement park had opened up in King George the Fifth Park. So I made arrangements to shoot last night at the amusement park. 

Those arrangements FAILED! 

I picked up my model and a friend who was going to film some behind the scenes footage and we went to the amusement park. Got to the park and realized there was an admittance charge so we left and went to a bank. Money in hand we went back to the amusement park and when we really considered it, realized that the price was only for admittance and there would be additional charges per ride. At that point, we decided to leave that park and head over to Movietowne. Got to Movietowne only to find that their Carousel Park was closing in five minutes and we could not shoot there without explicit permission from the Management at Movietowne, which is understandable. After all of these little disappointments, we all just decided to have dinner and head home. 

Although the night did not go as planned, it wasn't a complete failure though. We had some awesome gyros for dinner and that made up for some of the mess of yesterday. 

Brandon Woelfel Experimentation Take 1 = Failed 

Stay tuned for more updates on this particular shoot and check out Brandon's work here