I think everyone has heard the saying that you learn something new every day. When I was a child, I heard people around me saying it all the time. I realized that a lot of people say it when they happen upon a piece of knowledge. As I got older, the thought occurred to me, “What would happen if I went looking for that knowledge instead of letting it fall into my lap.” I think I may have been about 15 years old. Since then, I’ve tried to set aside some time during the day to learn something new. 

Today, I watched some videos composing photographs better. Yesterday, I checked out some tutorials on how to replace the sky in videos. The day before that, I was researching techniques for color grading footage. In the last few months, my learning has been focused around photography, but it doesn’t have to be. Learn something new about how to mix colors, making banana pancakes or how to bonsai a plant. Knowledge is everywhere. Go find it. 

Take yourself from, “Well, you learn something new everyday.” to “I learned something new today!” You’d be surprised how quickly your knowledge base grows and the new ways you can use it.

Finding Inspiration

I have spent my entire life around creatives. People who can put their hands in a new medium and bring magic to life. Whether that medium is graphics, clay, canvas, fabric, glass, wire or even plants. I grew with their influence and subconsciously developed their ways of thinking. In my life creativity has been everywhere I look and I consider myself extremely lucky to exist in this environment. With all the examples of creativity around me, sometimes there are just moments where you have nothing. No new ideas, no interesting thoughts. Just nothing. 

Since I started doing photography, I’ve found myself in this place where I have no idea what to shoot next or a new idea for a blog post, or video. So, what do you do when your creativity has stopped flowing and inspiration has run dry? 

Well, I turn to a lot of different places. There are days when I just need to clear my head. So I’ll take a long shower, or take a drive with no intended destination. For some people, taking a walk might help. (I personally don’t like walking.) Other times, I turn to books. There’s almost nothing you can’t find hidden within a book. Even with all of that, there are times when you just have to turn to the internet. There are a few places on the internet that have never failed me when I’m looking for inspiration, so I’ll leave a link to those down below. 

Find what works for you. Whether that is an epic music playlist, a home-cooked meal, a great book or a conversation with a friend. All you need is the spark to light the creative fire in yourself again. 

September Contest Winner!

Congratulations to our September Contest Winner - Yashni!

Every month there will be a new contest up on the social media pages. Our second contest was held during the month of September on Instagram with the prize being a Free Photoshoot with Sydney Joseph Photography; with our first winner being the amazing veterinarian Yashni. I look forward to meeting more of the amazing people who support me and my business.

Congratulations again Yashni and special thanks to John Colthrust for assisting on the shoot. 

Up Your Insta Game!

As a photographer or anyone in the creative industry, your social media is an incredibly powerful tool. It's up to you to use that tool to the best of your ability. So whether you're editing a bomb selfie or editing a gorgeous shot from your summer vacation, you've got to make the most of it.